Foreign Secretary's speech at Bletchley Park

Last Updated: 18 Oct 2012
The Rt Hon William Hague links the success of Bletchley Park, "the scene of one of the finest achievements in our nation’s history" with that of GCHQ today. He also highlights the "strong framework of democratic accountability and oversight" that governs the work of GCHQ and the other Intelligence Agencies.

Speech - 18 Oct 2012

The Rt Hon William Hague began by saying:

It is truly an honour to be here at Bletchley Park. I am very grateful to Sir John Scarlett, the Trustees and Bletchley staff; to the many volunteers who have given their time here over the years; and to Iain Lobban and all our guests today.

But I am most grateful of all to the Bletchley Park veterans who have joined us. I have just had an inspirational tour of some of the huts and blocks that you worked in. And I am not going to forget being guided through the workings of the Bombe machines by two of your colleagues. I believe I speak for many of us working in government and politics today when I say that we strive to live up to and build on your generation’s achievements on behalf of our country.

Bletchley Park was the scene of one of the finest achievements in our nation’s history: the systematic deciphering of encrypted enemy communications throughout the Second World War - including the supposedly ‘unbreakable’ Enigma cipher and the even more challenging Lorenz machine - through mathematical genius, technological innovation and sheer hard work.

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