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GCHQ launches Northern Exposure 2015

Last Updated: 26 Feb 2015
 GCHQ is giving 30 people the chance to gain a unique learning experience on a ground-breaking six-week cyber summer school in Scarborough.



Press release: 26 Feb 2015

Called Northern Exposure 2015, the cyber summer school promises to be a stimulating learning experience for anyone who has a natural curiosity about technology and who has an interest in the latest gadgets.

The summer school will run from 13 July – 21 August in Scarborough and is open to UK nationals aged 18 and over.

Those selected will not only learn how the Internet works but also how GCHQ uses it to protect the UK from a range of cyber threats.

Northern Exposure 2015 is an exceptional opportunity for successful candidates to try something new, work with and learn from experts in this field and discover whether it’s something they would enjoy.

You don’t need a technical qualification to apply – in fact, Northern Exposure 2015 is aimed at anyone who enjoys learning about new things and solving problems.

The only qualifications candidates need to apply are at least two A-levels or equivalent at grades A-C in any subject and at least five GCSEs at grades A-C (these must include Maths and English).

At the end of the programme, a lucky few may even be offered an interview for a job, a place on the apprenticeship scheme, a summer internship or a bursary at GCHQ if they show an aptitude for computer work and the ability to learn quickly.

In order to find out more, prospective candidates should apply through GCHQ’s careers   

Places are limited and applications close on 9 March.