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GCHQ launches Cyber Insiders Summer School

Last Updated: 18 Feb 2015
Located in Cheltenham, this groundbreaking School will deliver a high-quality, ten-week cyber training programme, running 6 July – 11 September 2015.

Press Release - 18 Feb 2015
GCHQ is constantly developing innovative ways to combat a range of threats in cyberspace, including from cybercriminals, terrorists, hackers, fraudsters, organised criminal gangs and paedophile rings. 

To help deliver its mission to keep the UK safe, GCHQ is always looking to recruit the very best computer scientists. That is why it is launching the Cyber Insiders Summer School.

Aimed at computer science students in their first or second year at university who have an interest in cyber beyond that of their university studies and who are skilled in at least one computer language, the Summer School offers an exciting insight into the latest cyber technologies.

The school will feature targeted learning from GCHQ’s own cybersecurity experts, as well as guest speakers from some of the world’s leading technology companies.

To qualify for a place on the Cyber Insiders Summer School, students will need advanced coding skills, as well as the ability and tenacity to solve a variety of complex problems. They will also need to show that they can work well both in a team and independently.

On the Summer School programme they will work with a wide range of technologies, from legacy systems that have been in use for a number of years to the most up-to-date mobile technology. As Cyber Insiders, they will learn new technical skills in areas such as cyber security, ethical hacking, penetration testing and security networks. They’ll also learn about GCHQ’s role in defending the UK against cyber threats.

The programme will culminate in a ‘live’ exercise where they’ll be able to put the skills that they’ve learned into practice.

As well as paying students £2,500 to attend the ten-week programme, GCHQ will provide them with accommodation in the Cheltenham area. On successful completion of the programme, students will receive a certificate to show they’ve completed a Cyber Summer School with GCHQ.

The Cyber Insiders Summer School was launched on 10 February and is open to all UK nationals studying computer science at university who have the requisite skills.

A GCHQ spokesperson said: "The unique Cyber Insiders Summer School offers computer science students a fantastic opportunity to enhance their cyber skills and to discover how GCHQ use a variety of technologies to protect the UK.  They’ll not only enhance their cyber knowledge, but completing the programme will also look good on their CV and, if they prove their abilities, we may even offer them a job interview."

In order to find out more, prospective candidates should apply through GCHQ’s careers

Places are limited and applications close on 9 March 2015.


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