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The history of GCHQ and its predecessors goes back nearly 100 years. Take a look at some of our archive material.

The National Archives

  • The GCHQ Doughnut Cheltenham

    Historical records and releases

    Feature 21 Mar 2016 Topics: Our places, Our history
    The Public Records Act 1958 requires government departments to transfer records to the National Archives 30 years after creation. GCHQ has a blanket exemption from this requirement, but has made voluntary releases which appear on the National Archives catalogue under the HW series.
  • The GCHQ Doughnut Cheltenham

    GCHQ, NCSC and CESG website archives

    Feature 19 Apr 2016 Topics: Our history
    The National Archives manage the UK Government Web Archive, which includes snapshots of the GCHQ and CESG websites taken since 1999. Take a look at how much has changed.
  • Our history

    We are very proud of our long and distinguished history; from the earliest days as the Government Code and Cipher School in World War One, through the breakthroughs at Bletchley Park during World War Two, and to the complex technical challenges of today.

Historical papers