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  • GCHQ Logo

    New GCHQ logo

    News Article 30 Apr 2018 Topics: Our history
    On Monday 30th April, we started to use a new logo. Here’s a short history of GCHQ’s logos and badges and an explanation of why we’ve made a change.
  • A group of WWI soldiers relaxing in a trench, one using a field telephone

    Signals Intelligence under Fire

    News Article 21 Mar 2018 Topics: Intelligence, Our history
    The story of a frontline signals intelligence team during the German attack on 21 March 1918.
  • A table showing tube numbers and which corresponding room they go to, plus instructions for use

    Love in a pneumatic climate

    News Article 14 Feb 2018 Topics: Our history
    On Valentine's Day, our Historian Tony Comer shares a story about a technology of old that helped GCHQ communicate between offices and also spark some romance.