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Want to know more about GCHQ's work to protect the UK?

Last Updated: 09 Jun 2015
Our Counter Terrorism and Serious Crime teams tackle some of the most difficult challenges facing the UK.

News article - 09 Jun 2015

Whether it's global terrorists, paedophile networks or organised criminals bringing illegal drugs into the country, GCHQ uses our strong partnerships and the latest technology to protect the UK from a range of threats.

To show the range of work that we do to combat Terrorism and Serious Crime, we have published accounts from GCHQ analysts and linguists talking about what it's like to work in GCHQ on some of our most difficult challenges. Follow the links to read more.

We are currently recruiting for a range of posts across GCHQ. If you have a passion for technology and want a unique career keeping the country safe, see our careers website for more information on how to apply.



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