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Stroom helps large organisations understand their systems

Last Updated: 03 Nov 2016
GCHQ releases its second open source software project today.

News article - 03 Nov 2016


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Stroom is the latest release of GCHQ's innovation programme.

Aimed at assisting IT professionals with event monitoring, Stroom will help prevent large organisations from being left behind with rapidly changing technology.

Possible applications for Stroom include:

  • System health and status monitoring
  • Detecting cyber-attacks
  • User activity monitoring
  • Regulatory compliance

The ever-growing variety of data formats can make keeping up a perennial problem. As new technologies are invented, so new event types and log formats must be understood and processed correctly.

Stroom can help large organisations overcome these issues and really understand what their system logs are telling them.

GCHQ's aim is to contribute and create our own open source software as a government department and technology organisation.

Gaffer I and Gaffer II are previously released open source software. Gaffer, a graph database, makes it easy to store and process large-scale graphs.

To access Stroom, please go to


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