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New Fulbright Cyber Security Award open for 2016-17

Last Updated: 06 Aug 2015
Topics: Cyber security
This award provides an opportunity for some of the brightest minds in the UK to conduct research in cyber security in the US. The exchange programme will build networks and encourage collaboration between US and UK universities, bringing together world-class cyber security researchers.

News article - 6 Aug 2015

During the Prime Minister’s US visit in January 2015, the two governments announced the Fulbright Cyber Security Awards as one of the measures to increase US-UK cyber security cooperation. 

The Cabinet Office will enable UK experts in cyber security to conduct research at any US institution for three to six months. Both governments agreed to support and fund these new awards. 

Applications are now open for the new Fulbright Cyber Security Award. The first cohort will take up their awards in the academic year 2016-17.