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Marking GCHQ's enduring relationship with the Military

Last Updated: 01 Nov 2014
2014 marks 100 years since the start of World War One, and also the centenary of the birth of British Signals Intelligence. This is no coincidence.



News Article - 1 Nov 2014

Right from the start the need to keep the Military one step ahead was a key driver behind the development of Signals Intelligence.

Over the decades, although communications methods have continually evolved, one fact has remained constant: wherever the Military deploys, Signals Intelligence can be crucial to keeping our forces safe.

Running throughout November 2014, we will commemorate our enduring relationship with the Military. We will delve into our archives to look at the part the Military has played in GCHQ's development, and uncover stories of the people who worked in Signals Intelligence during World War Two. We will go on to look at more recent history, sharing memories of staff who have deployed overseas to support the Military.

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