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Life at GCHQ

Last Updated: 18 Aug 2017
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Three members of our workforce will be answering questions about life at GCHQ during our second live Twitter Q&A.

** Following the tragic events and ongoing situation in Spain, we have taken the decision to postpone our live Q&A until Friday 25 August. **

News article - 15 Aug 2017

On the afternoon of August 18, three members of our workforce will be answering your questions about life at GCHQ live on Twitter.

For a secret organisation, we're as open as possible but we recognise that to most people, life inside GCHQ remains a mystery.  Throughout this week we'll be introducing you to Ben, Ruth, and Diya.  They each followed different paths into their careers, and have found themselves working in diverse areas.  Their experiences are varied, but the thing they all have in common is that they're looking forward to sharing their unique insights with you.  So, if you've ever wondered what it's like to work here, what the recruitment process is like, or have any other burning questions - mark Friday in your diary.

You can send us your questions using the hashtag #AskGCHQ on Twitter all week and join us at 1pm this Friday when we'll answer as many as we can. Even if you don't have a question yourself, you can watch our @GCHQ feed to get a glimpse into our world.



Life at GCHQ
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