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Learning the language of intelligence

Last Updated: 03 Feb 2015
GCHQ’s Language Outreach programme is going from strength to strength following a recent article in a government magazine highlighting its work with schools.

Civil Service Quarterly is a magazine written by civil servants for civil servants which aims to showcase excellence across different government departments.

January’s edition features an in-depth article on GCHQ’s Language Outreach team entitled ‘Learning the language of intelligence’.

With the recent fall in the number of students choosing language as a GCSE option the team have come up with some very innovative ideas to inspire students to show how a career in languages can defend their nation.

In recognition of the Language Outreach team’s contribution to encouraging the study of languages in schools, they were awarded the Threlford Cup from the Chartered Institute of Linguists Education Trust.


GCHQ is presented with the Threlford Memorial Cup in 2014
Prince Michael of Kent presents the Language Outreach Team with the cup ©Chris Christodoulou 2014


Sir Thomas Rich’s School, Gloucester - 2014 GCHQ All Schools Year 9 Language Challenge winners ©GCHQ



The pupils attending the Final of the GCHQ All-Schools Language Challenge said:

"Languages are fun.  I want to learn more."
"The experience has really opened my eyes to how influential languages are."
"It’s made me reconsider my GCSE options."
"It has made me think about taking a language at A-level."