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Joshua Rozenberg interviews GCHQ's Director for Legal Affairs

Last Updated: 02 Nov 2017
In the first interview a serving GCHQ legal advisor has given, Director for Legal Affairs, Douglas and his colleague Kate explain the role the team has in helping to keep Britain safe.

News article - 2 Nov 2017


'Lady Justice' holding scales
BBC R4 Law in Action. ©BBC

GCHQ acts in accordance with UK law. Our capabilities may only be used for limited purposes, where it is necessary to do so, proportionate to what it seeks to achieve, and properly authorised.

The department has a strong culture of ethics and of compliance with its legal and oversight regime. We recognise the trust that is placed in us, and the duty we have to demonstrate our commitment to working legally and ethically as we work to keep the UK and its people safe. For the first time, our Director for Legal Affairs has been interviewed by the legal commentator and journalist Joshua Rozenberg, explaining the role that the legal team plays in GCHQ.

You can hear Douglas' and Kate's interview through the BBC's Law In Action website. If you're interested in pursuing a legal career in GCHQ, keep an eye on our recruitment pages for details of opportunities in the next few weeks.


Rozenberg stands in the GCHQ foyer in front of a large stone crest
Joshua Rozenberg QC. ©GCHQ 2017