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Intelligence Services Commissioner publishes annual report

Last Updated: 15 Jun 2015
Sir Mark Waller considers the intelligence agencies' use of bulk personal data for the first time in his 2014 report.

News article - 25 Jun 2015

The Intelligence Services Commissioner, Sir Mark Waller, has today published his 2014 annual report.

The Commissioner provides independent external oversight of the use of their intrusive powers by the UK intelligence services and parts of the Ministry Of Defence.

In his Written Ministerial Statement accompanying the laying of the report in Parliament, the Prime Minister said:

"The Intelligence Services Commissioner makes it clear that those involved in the authorisation of investigatory powers that he oversees take compliance very seriously. It is reassuring that in all cases inspected by the Commissioner there has been proper consideration of the necessity and proportionality of the proposed action, including careful consideration of the intrusion into the target's and other people's privacy.

"I am also grateful for the Commissioner for identifying a number of administrative errors and making recommendations on how these can be avoided in future. Whilst it is reassuring that these errors were not deliberative or significant, we cannot be complacent.  Sir Mark also makes some helpful recommendations in relation to amending the legislation which we will consider as part of the future legislation relating to investigatory powers.

"Sir Mark's annual report considers the intelligence agencies' use of bulk personal data for the first time as a result of my direction on 12 March 2015. I welcome his finding that the safeguards over the use of, and access to, bulk personal data are satisfactory and that the data is properly used for the statutory purposes for which it was collected."