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How GCHQ came to Cheltenham

Last Updated: 08 May 2015
Visitors to GCHQ frequently ask why the famous Bletchley Park code-breakers came to be located in Cheltenham.  The response is usually along the lines of ‘the Cheltenham sites were Ministry-owned property and we had outgrown our previous sites.’

News article - 8 May 2015

The Gloucestershire Echo has produced a five part series online, based on a booklet put together by former GCHQ Historian, Peter Freeman, that outlines the decisions behind why GCHQ had to move from Bletchley Park and Eastcote, London.  It reveals the options for where GCHQ could move to, why a Gloucestershire spa town was the final choice, and who had inhabited the Benhall and Oakley sites before GCHQ.


C Block at Oakley, Cheltenham in 1960


Construction of Block 10 at Benhall