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GCHQ supporting STEM at Edinburgh International Science Festival 2017

Last Updated: 12 Apr 2017
We were delighted to once again take part in the Edinburgh International Science Festival.

News article - 12 Apr 2017

We attended the Edinburgh International Science Festival on 7 and 8 April at the inspiring venue of the National Museum of Scotland. The festival runs from 1 - 16 April at a number of venues across Edinburgh, and the theme this year is 'Get Connected'.

We took along a selection of interactive games and challenges themed around code-breaking, problem solving, and cyber security, as well as our ever popular Enigma challenge. Our 'Commander' game, designed to test recall of a light sequence, brought out the competitive spirit in many, and our special award goes to young Lily from Edinburgh who managed to score an amazing 43, the highest score ever recorded on this game. Well done Lily! 


The logo is in a Steampunk theme, next to a plastic-zip-style construction toy - SplatForm
The Edinburgh International Science Festival logo. ©GCHQ 2017


Eight of the small Pi computers are interconnected on a board, running a simultaneous program
Our OctaPi, eight connected Raspberry Pi computers. ©GCHQ 2017


A metal-and-perspex locked safe with a touchscreen showing puzzles to solve
Our Vault game. Solve the puzzles to open the vault and win a prize! ©GCHQ 2017


The exhibit is the skeleton of an extinct Giant Irish elk
A Giant Irish Elk skeleton in the National Museum of Scotland, one of the Edinburgh ISF venues. ©GCHQ 2017


The game is circular and shaped like the Doughnut, with lots of buttons to press
Memorise the light sequence! Our Commander game at the Edinburgh ISF. ©GCHQ 2017.


A game about computer data storage
Byte, one of our games at the Edinburgh ISF. ©GCHQ 2017