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First day of Northern Exposure, GCHQ’s Scarborough Cyber Summer School

Last Updated: 13 Jul 2015
The doors open today for GCHQ’s cyber summer school based in Scarborough.

News article - 13 Jul 2015

Thirty-two participants will take part in the six-week programme at GCHQ Scarborough, which includes learning about the structure of the Internet, information assurance, programming languages, malware and the cyber threat landscape.

Northern Exposure marks a novel approach to recruitment for GCHQ, centred upon attitude and aptitude more than technical experience.

Organisers were looking to attract people from a wide range of backgrounds, including those without qualifications in science, technology, engineering and maths subjects, who might not have normally considered applying to an organisation like GCHQ.

This approach may have contributed to the school being massively oversubscribed, with over 300 applicants for the 32 places. The intake is one-third female, a significant success in a field where the majority tend to be men.

In addition, the initiative may also provide a model to support the effective development of cyber security skills across a much wider UK workforce.

Simon, GCHQ’s Head of Scarborough Station, said: "We are really looking forward to welcoming the students to Northern Exposure, the first ever Scarborough Cyber Summer School.

"During the course of the training they can expect to be challenged, educated and, we hope, a little bit inspired.   We’re expecting this to be a learning experience for everyone involved.  The students should learn a lot about cyber and we should learn how to organise our recruitment and training in the future.  

"At the end of the course for some people we may well be offering bursaries, access to further training and even some future career opportunities."

Northern Exposure follows the start of Cyber Insiders, a ten-week Cheltenham-based cyber summer school for computer science students.


Scarborough summer school breakout
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