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Everybody wants Pants for Christmas

Last Updated: 17 Dec 2014
GCHQ donates 125 bags of underwear, food, toiletries and sleeping bags to a local charity for the homeless.

News Article - 17 Dec 2014

Over a week in December 2014, staff at GCHQ's Cheltenham site collected over 100 bags of items for GEAR Projects, a charity for the homeless in Gloucestershire.

GEAR had asked for donations of new underwear, food, toiletries and sleeping bags and staff rose to the challenge, named Pants For Christmas, with a grand total of 125 bagfuls collected. Colleagues at RAF Brize Norton also donated eight brand-new military sleeping bags.

GCHQ has been supporting GEAR for several years. As well as making donations, staff have visited a shelter to learn more about how the charity works and the good use it makes of the items it receives.

A GCHQ spokesperson said, "Each Christmas, as part of a Civil Service Local South West initiative, we have joined our civil service colleagues in the South West of England to support local homeless shelters.

"For several years we have been collecting clothing, food and toiletries for GEAR and I am always heartened by the generous response of all the staff at GCHQ who contribute to this worthwhile cause each year."


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