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Do you have what it takes to be a cyber defender?

Last Updated: 19 Dec 2013
As a sponsor of the Cyber Security Challenge UK we at GCHQ are very excited to be able to share this year's Challenge Christmas Cipher with you.

Unfortunately. Cyber Security Challenge 2013 is no longer available. Check out the latest Cyber Security Challenge.

News Article - 19 Dec 2013

Every year the Challenge delivers a bit of fun for the festive period so you can test your skills and see whether or not you have what it takes to be a cyber defender. Whether you are spending the holidays at home or abroad this year, this digital conundrum should keep you busy for a while.

This year there are two options:

  • a technical cipher for those that fancy their chances with something designed to challenge their cyber skills
  • a non-technical cipher which requires no technical ability to complete but is just a bit of fun to demonstrate the cyber security sector is not all about technical know-how!

The ciphers can be accessed here.

There are no prizes for the winners, but those who complete the ciphers first will have their name in 'lights' on the Cyber Security Challenge website.

Good luck and have a fantastic festive period.


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