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Director GCHQ gives keynote speech at Stonewall conference

Last Updated: 17 May 2016
Robert Hannigan speaks at the Stonewall Workplace conference about the journey GCHQ has made in improving diversity in its workforce and what he sees as some of the challenges for the future. He highlighted through the contrasting stories of Alan Turing’s horrific treatment in the 1950s, the sacking of a gay member of staff in the 1960s, and the support a serving transgender member of staff received when she went public about her transition in 2016.

​News article - 15 Apr 2016

Robert Hannigan spoke at the Stonewall Workplace Conference on 15 April about how working with Stonewall to ensure all staff feel comfortable at work and fulfil their potential has helped GCHQ’s ability to solve the hard problems we encounter in our mission. 

He spoke with pride about the huge strides the Civil Service and GCHQ have made in the 15 years he has been involved in improving diversity within government and how Stonewall’s message of tolerance and acceptance resonates with him. 

He thanked Stonewall for their help and practical advice and the positive impact it has had on policy, leadership and training. 

He also noted that whilst GCHQ is now in a good position having learnt from its past but recognised that there is more work to be done to ensure that GCHQ is truly representative of the society it serves.