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Cyber Security for all

Last Updated: 05 Jun 2014
Topics: Cyber security
It is vital that the UK remains safe and secure in cyberspace, with businesses taking sufficient precautions to protect their systems against the most common cyber threats. To aid this effort, the UK Government has announced the new Cyber Essentials scheme, allowing organisations to demonstrate that they take basic cyber security seriously.





News Article 05 Jun 2014

Until now there has been no single way which allows organisations to demonstrate that they are taking precautions against basic internet threats seriously.Cyber Essentials encourages businesses to implement controls which protect against attacks using freely available tools and techniques. Organisations that demonstrate that they have adequately implemented the precautions will be able to display the Cyber Essentials Badge.

All organisations are encouraged to implement Cyber Essentials as part of a wider Information Risk Management approach, as recommended in the 10 Steps to Cyber Security.