How we work

We work with our partners in the UK and our allies worldwide, continually seeking new and better ways to tackle ever-changing global threats. Collaboration is central to our success. We learn from industry experts and invest in new capabilities to keep the UK safe. 

Our partnerships

  • Downing Street and Whitehall

    Working with other government departments

    Feature 01 Apr 2016 Topics: Cyber security, Intelligence
    As one of the three UK Intelligence and Security Agencies, we work closely with MI5 and the Secret Intelligence Service (MI6) to counter increasingly complex and globalised threats, and to promote British interests.
  • The White House

    International partners

    Feature 01 Apr 2016 Topics: Cyber security, Intelligence, Technology and innovation
    How sharing knowledge and expertise with other countries helps us keep the UK safe
  • Lecture theatre

    Partnering with academia

    Feature 21 Mar 2016 Topics: Cyber security, Technology and innovation
    We work closely with academia to help us overcome the cyber security challenges facing us today.
  • Supporting education

    We work in partnership with teachers and local schools in the Cheltenham and surrounding areas, and more widely with educational bodies across the UK. We are keen to encourage young people to take an interest in the subjects that are also of interest to us.
  • Community partnerships

    We are proud of the part we play within the communities in which we are based, transforming people's lives through voluntary projects, providing support and aiding neighbourhood regeneration. We support over 100 local, national and international charities.

Running our business

  • 3_2_Oversight

    GCHQ oversight

    Feature 17 Apr 2016 Topics: The Law and ethics
    The Prime Minister has overall responsibility within Government for intelligence and security matters and the agencies. Day-to-day ministerial responsibility for GCHQ lies with the Foreign Secretary.
  • Funding and Financial

    GCHQ funding and financial controls

    Feature 17 Apr 2016 Topics: The Law and ethics
    The GCHQ budget is paid from a combination of the Single Intelligence Account and the National Cyber Security Programme. This also provides the funding for the other UK security and intelligence agencies, MI5 and the Secret Intelligence Service (MI6).
  • Ethics


    Feature 07 Apr 2016 Topics: Our people, The Law and ethics
    GCHQ places great importance on having the right culture and ethos. We are very aware of the responsibility that comes with the nature of our work, and in addition to our legal accountability we also take the ethical considerations surrounding our mission seriously.
  • Environmental Policy

    Our environmental policy

    Feature 17 Mar 2016 Topics: Our places, The Law and ethics, Community and education
    GCHQ's environmental policy statement is consistent with the Greening Government Commitments, and underpins GCHQ's Sustainable Development Action Plan.