What kind of people work at GCHQ?

Last Updated: 15 Mar 2016
At GCHQ we believe that success depends on great minds not thinking alike. That's why as an organisation we aspire to recruit and nurture the brightest talent and are building an inclusive workforce that reflects the diversity of the nation we serve.


We have a tough but crucial mission, so we need talented people with a broad range of skills who can rise to the challenge. That means hiring people with specialist skills in areas like technology, security or languages, but we also need talented individuals throughout our whole organisation, be that in IT, communications or HR. We take people with years of experience in their field right through to raw talent straight from university that we can harness and nurture.


We look for talent no matter what package it comes in. We know we need diverse teams to take on the challenge of keeping this country safe, because we know that diverse teams perform better.

 Some of the things we do to encourage a diverse workforce: 


We don't just seek to create a diverse organisation however, but also one that welcomes and values everyone for who they are. We have developed an inclusive environment where individuals can be themselves in the workplace, because staff who can bring their all to work, can give their all to work.

Some of the things we do to ensure an inclusive workplace: 

  • We make workplace adjustments for people with disabilities
  • We have a prayer room for staff
  • We are proactive in offering part-time and flexible working arrangements to suit those with home or personal commitments
  • We have developed an award-winning Dyslexia and Dyspraxia toolkit.



Diversity and Inclusion: Success depends on great minds NOT thinking alike