Our relationship with the Military

Last Updated: 30 Jun 2016
Collaborating at the highest strategic level, our commitment to the Armed Forces remains paramount, and helps to save lives. Our partnership is integrated and mutually beneficial, and we look to a future where together we can invest in military capabilities to counter any attack in cyberspace.


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Today, one of GCHQ's main tasks is to help protect the UK Military wherever they are deployed. This is not a new remit; it is in fact the whole reason GCHQ was formed in the early 20th century.

The need to help protect the Military and arm them with the knowledge to keep them one step ahead proved to be the catalyst needed to develop Signals Intelligence at the start of World War One.

A lot has changed since 1914. The way the world communicates today is vastly different, but some things remain constant.

GCHQ is still committed to supporting the Military.