International partners

Last Updated: 29 Sep 2016
How sharing knowledge and expertise with other countries helps us keep the UK safe

GCHQ has a range of international partnerships aimed at protecting our national security, including on cyber security and intelligence, in line with broader UK foreign policy.

Some of our partnerships are decades-old and well established, while others are rapidly developing in response to the changing threat environment.

Our collaboration with the USA, known as UKUSA, dates back to WWII and continues to deliver enormous benefits to both nations. The USA remains the UK’s pre-eminent intelligence partner. However, the threats we face are increasingly global and to tackle these effectively requires international collaboration and information-sharing on a greater scale than ever before.

We combat threats to the UK from terrorism, cyber-attack and serious crime – to name but a few – by working closely with partners who share our interests and face similar challenges, benefiting from their expertise, unique intelligence or regional perspectives.

We share our own expertise and intelligence to better equip our international partners to combat threats in their regions, in the knowledge that threats to UK national security are not confined to our physical borders.

When it comes to intelligence and cyber endeavours to protect our national security, the UK cannot work in isolation. We are good at what we do; but the best results come from combining our intelligence and expertise with that from our international partners.