How GCHQ supports staff who volunteer

Last Updated: 17 Nov 2017
GCHQ currently promotes over 100 charity and volunteer projects supported by staff.

As part of the Civil Service Reform Plan civil servants are encouraged to spend one day a year volunteering, to give something back to the communities in which they work.

We hold an annual 'Community Day' which gives staff the opportunity to learn more about volunteering and supporting good causes. This year, over 30 charities are being represented.

For the past two years we have also hosted an annual 'Give Back' event, which pairs local charities with GCHQ volunteers who provide one-to-one mentoring sessions on a variety of topics.

Opportunities to volunteer are wide-ranging, and include school governors, local conservation work, Samaritans, support for the homeless, and St John Ambulance.

GCHQ has also set up a volunteering bank, which means staff who do not wish to use their one day special leave are able to donate it back. This allows other members of staff to apply for additional days.


Red, white, and blue bunting hung across the 'Street'