GCHQ linguists in schools

Last Updated: 29 Mar 2016
As a major employer of linguists, GCHQ is keen to promote the study of modern foreign languages in schools and universities.

GCHQ linguists regularly visit secondary schools across the country, giving talks on the benefits of learning languages, and about their use at GCHQ. We also give language tasters in some of the more unusual languages not often taught in schools, such as Mandarin Chinese, Arabic or Russian.

Teachers have reported a marked increase in the take-up of languages at GCSE following a visit from a GCHQ linguist. A language taster in a new, more exotic language can open up a wider range of choices for 6th formers considering studying languages at university.

Contact us

Teachers interested in arranging for a GCHQ linguist to visit their school should get in touch.

Regretfully, limited resources mean that we can usually only consider attendance at events involving two or more secondary schools.