GCHQ creates a Lego version of iconic building

Last Updated: 09 Mar 2017
Everything is awesome with the model of the 'Doughnut'

GCHQ staff have many qualities, one of which is creativity. So when people from all areas of GCHQ embarked on an innovation project to replicate our iconic Cheltenham building using Lego, they weren't put off by the challenge.

Our mission keeping Britain safe requires us to think differently and work together to solve complex problems. Lego may feel far removed from our usual work, but actually creative design, engineering, mathematics, project management, computer modelling and graphical facilitation all played a part.

More than 400 volunteers built the model using approximately 17,000 standard Lego bricks in just 12 hours. GCHQ Director Robert Hannigan led the way by placing a signed foundation brick.

We raised over £1,000 for charity by asking staff to donate to place a brick. The money went to the Elizabeth's Footprint Appeal, which raises money for Bristol Children's Hospital, as local mother Natalia Spencer walked 6,000 miles around the UK coastline in memory of her five-year-old daughter Elizabeth.

The completed model acts as a symbol of GCHQ's collaborative energy and innovative spirit. It will be used for many years to come in community outreach with schools, science fairs and recruitment campaigns to show how awesome we really are.