Developing programming skills

Last Updated: 02 Dec 2015
GCHQ volunteers have been running a Raspberry Pi project in local Cheltenham schools, helping children to develop their computer programming skills. As a result, one of the schools has decided to include a Raspberry Pi section for the sole purpose of teaching programming.

"The children took to the core concepts of programming within minutes, and far surpassed what we expected."

GCHQ Team Member

"Eight of our Year 6 pupils worked alongside members of staff from GCHQ to explore the fascinating world of computer programming. Using Raspberry Pis the children learnt how to create a short animation using a programming language called Scratch. The children got the hang of how the code worked very quickly indeed, and had great fun. Following this exciting opportunity, we are now looking at ways of introducing computer programming into the curriculum."

Head Teacher, Leckhampton Primary School, Cheltenham