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Cyber Exposure Summer School Class of 2016 graduates with honours!

19 Aug 2016 The GCHQ Cyber Exposure Summer School ends today after a summer spent living and learning in the world of intelligence.
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GCHQ Motorshow

23 Aug 2016 GCHQ holds its own charities' motorshow to raise awareness of the Severn Freewheelers Blood Bikes and the Retired Greyhound Trust.
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16 Aug 2016 We are proud to team up with the NHS to take part in the #MissingType campaign, raising awareness of the need for new blood donors.

Celebrating the World Wide Web

01 Aug 2016 On World Wide Web Day our Deputy Director Strategy celebrates the advantages the Web has brought and explains how GCHQ helps to protect...
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Bletchley and beyond: women at GCHQ

15 Aug 2016 Sally, GCHQ’s Director Cyber and one of our Gender Diversity Champions, explains why a diverse workforce is crucial to our work to keep...

Our modern-day Enigma challenge

24 Jun 2016 Our code-breaking predecessors at Bletchley Park were famed for cracking Enigma, providing valuable intelligence during WWII.  Today, we...