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Bletchley WWII

Action this day...

21 Oct 2016 Churchill recognised the importance of the work of Turing, Welchman, Alexander, and Milner-Barry on this day in 1941.
The representatives are standing in front of the Visitor Reception Centre building

An opportunity to 'Give Back' to our community

19 Oct 2016 ‘Inspiring... exciting... brilliant... valuable... mind-blowing!’ say our charity partners.
GCHQ Puzzle Book competition image. Not part of the competition.

Could you be one of the world’s smartest puzzlers?

19 Oct 2016 The GCHQ Puzzle Book features a competition designed to challenge the sharpest minds.
The 1840 watercolour portrait of Ada King (Lovelace) by Alfred Edward Chalon

Women in technology: a GCHQ programmer shares her story

11 Oct 2016 October 11 is Ada Lovelace Day, which seeks to raise the profile of women in Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM). To mark the...
Becky White of Ottawa

Canadian Signals Intelligence veteran honoured

22 Sep 2016 93-year-old Becky White of Ottawa receives the Bletchley Park Commemorative Badge for her work during the Second World War
Nikesh Mehta

Recruiting diverse talent to protect modern Britain

16 Sep 2016 Nikesh Mehta, a Deputy Director, talks about why we need more BAME staff working in the Intelligence Services.