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Director GCHQ Robert Hannigan

Welcome to GCHQ

As Director, I’d like to welcome you to the GCHQ website.
GCHQ is a security and intelligence organisation tasked by Government to protect the nation from threats.
I hope that the website will help you to understand more about what we do to protect the UK.
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What kind of people work at GCHQ?

There are many misconceptions about working at GCHQ. People assume that we are an organisation of ultra-secretive technical specialists.
In fact our organisation requires a very wide range of different skills. Our success depends as much on good communication as on secrecy.
Colossus, the first 'computer'


We have been on a long and fascinating journey from the earliest days of Britain’s Signals Intelligence effort at the beginning of World War I to the challenging technologies of today.
Pittville Gates

GCHQ Cheltenham

Most GCHQ staff are based at our award-winning headquarters in Cheltenham. This spa town in the heart of the Cotswolds, and is home to the world-famous racecourse and many festivals.
Scarborough's North Bay Ferris Wheel

GCHQ Scarborough

GCHQ Scarborough is an outstation of the main GCHQ site, and supports the same intelligence aims.
GCHQ Scarborough celebrates its Sigint Centenary during 2014.
Police 'tape' line

A day in the life of a serious crime analyst

Feature article - 9 Oct 2013

Whether it involves uncovering and following human trafficking networks, or protecting online public services from cyber criminals, each day brings new challenges and opportunities for our serious crime analysts.