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GCHQ inspires next generation of linguists

West of England students gathered at GCHQ in Cheltenham on Friday 28 March, to take part in a language competition designed to test their linguistic skills, and to promote a greater take-up of language learning in schools.

Who we are

GCHQ is an intelligence and security organisation, working to keep Britain safe and secure in the challenging environment of modern communications.


What we do

UK citizens today conduct much of their lives over the internet, as do the Government, the Armed Services, Law Enforcement and industry.

For the UK to be safe and successful, the cyber connections and infrastructure we use need to be safe and secure. GCHQ plays a major role in making that a reality using our expertise and experience.


How we work

GCHQ strives to ensure that life in the UK isn't compromised through cyber attack or on-line serious crime, employing some of the world's leading experts on Information Security.

Everything we do is governed by law, and overseen by the Foreign Secretary and other Ministers.


Latest news


Foreign Secretary William Hague has announced the appointment of Robert Hannigan as the new Director of GCHQ.
APM Group will certify training courses that meet the CESG standard.
Today the Government has published a report submitted to the Prime Minister by Sir Anthony May on the work carried out by Sir Anthony and his team during 2013.
If you have any concerns or difficulties during the technical transition arising from this change, please call your usual contact.

Press Releases

West of England students gathered in Cheltenham on Friday 28 March to take part in a language competition designed to test their linguistic skills and promote a greater take-up of language learning in schools.
Image supplied by Cyber Security Challenge UK, Taken by Mark Livermore

GCHQ Volunteers take part in the Local Civil Service volunteering day.

News article - 16 Apr 2014
In early April staff from GCHQ joined with civil service colleagues from DWP for a volunteering day at Ruskin Mill College, Gloucestershire.

Our journey


GCHQ has been on a long and fascinating journey from the earliest days of the UK's Signals Intelligence effort at the beginning of World War I to the challenging technologies of today.

Olympics and GCHQ image

A memorable Games - for all the right reasons

Thanks to the combined efforts of the UK Intelligence Services and law enforcement organisations, London 2012 will be remembered solely for the achievements of its Olympic and Paralympic athletes.

Today's technology

GCHQ depends heavily on its use of technology to succeed in its vital intelligence and security mission.

As the digital world changes increasingly rapidly, it demands a furious pace of innovation in our technical systems.