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Feature article - 17 Jul 2014
Hosted by GCHQ, IA14 is HMG’s flagship event for Cyber Security and Information Assurance, bringing together decision-makers from across central government, the wider public sector, industry and academia.
The event, held on 16-17 June, examined how the UK will maintain its position as a global leader in cyber security and IA, underpinning our information economy. A core theme at this year’s conference was the maturing public-private sector partnership on cyber security issues.
Our IA14 newsletter will give you insight into the event, including reports on the keynote speeches and stream sessions that made it such an important and engaging event.
Rt. Hon. Francis Maude MP

Who we are

GCHQ is an intelligence and security organisation, working to keep Britain safe and secure in the challenging environment of modern communications.


What we do

UK citizens today conduct much of their lives over the internet, as do the Government, the Armed Services, Law Enforcement and industry.

For the UK to be safe and successful, the cyber connections and infrastructure we use need to be safe and secure. GCHQ plays a major role in making that a reality using our expertise and experience.

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How we work

GCHQ strives to ensure that life in the UK isn't compromised through cyber attack or on-line serious crime, employing some of the world's leading experts on Information Security.

Everything we do is governed by law, and overseen by the Foreign Secretary and other Ministers.


Latest news

Press Releases

Hosted by GCHQ, IA14 is HMG’s flagship event for Cyber Security and Information Assurance and brings together decision-makers from across central government, the wider public sector, industry and academia.
CESG has today added new security guidance for BlackBerry 10.2.1, Android 4.4 and Chrome Operating Systems to its existing set on gov.uk.


Ciaran Martin outlines the cyber threat landscape and what it means for the financial sector.
We were pleased to support the Royal International Air Tattoo at RAF Fairford in Gloucestershire on 11-13 July.
On the 3-4 July, we took part in the Festival of Mathematics and its Applications at the University of Manchester in celebration of the IMA's 50th anniversary celebrations.
Sir Iain Lobban attends a ceremony in Warsaw on Thu 3 July 2014 commemorating the 75th anniversary of a  crucial meeting in Poland between Polish, French and British cryptanalysts.
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GCHQ historian to celebrate Scarborough centenary on 26 July 2014

News article - 14 Jul 2014
In the centenary year of GCHQ's Scarborough site, the GCHQ historian will be giving a unique and informed lecture on 100 years of British Signals Intelligence at the Scarborough Spa.

Our journey


GCHQ has been on a long and fascinating journey from the earliest days of the UK's Signals Intelligence effort at the beginning of World War I to the challenging technologies of today.

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Bletchley Park restoration project opened by HRH The Duchess of Cambridge

On 18 June 2014, GCHQ's spiritual home was honoured to receive a visit from Her Royal Highness The Duchess of Cambridge to mark the occasion of its re-launch following completion of an £8 million restoration project.
Sir Iain Lobban, Director GCHQ, paid tribute to those people who had toiled in secret at Bletchley during World War II.
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Today's technology

GCHQ depends heavily on its use of technology to succeed in its vital intelligence and security mission.

As the digital world changes increasingly rapidly, it demands a furious pace of innovation in our technical systems.